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What is Permission-Based Follow-Up Marketing

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A permission-based automatic follow-up system for your web site can increase sales dramatically, boost your efficiency and save you loads of time. In short, a follow-up autoresponder is an automated “e-mail-on-demand” system that automatically responds to e-mails sent to your domain or when a form is completed on one of your web pages.

Have you ever used a “fax-on-demand” system? You know, where you dial a certain fax number and automatically receive a fax back without actually interacting with someone? If so, you know they're great because they allow you to get the information you want quickly and easily.

Follow-up autoresponders work in a similar way, using email instead of fax. They instantly reply with a pre-written email message. For a long time, functionality of autoresponders was very limited in that you could only receive one message back. That made autoresponders a great way to send information, but they weren't too effective at increasing sales. But why?

Because it normally takes around 5 to 7 exposures to a product or service before most people will buy!

So clearly, creating only one exposure with a single autoresponder message wasn't getting the job done - potential customers simply weren't being exposed enough to the product. Not only that but the two vital ingredients for a sale were not there - trust and credibility.

But that's all changed...

With Email Autoresponder, you can automatically send a series of pre-written follow-up messages that are almost certain to boost your response rate. Here's how it works:

You set up a series of messages that are sent to your prospect over a set number of days. For example, message #1 may go out immediately, message #2 in two days, #3 three days later, and so on. By doing so, you can "stagger" your contacts with your potential customer and not overwhelm them, but at the same time, you're making those vital exposures needed to close the sale.

So, what can you do with your autoresponder system that will increase profits?
Send follow-up sales messages, carefully tailored to move your prospect closer to a sale.
Send more information about your product, interested prospects want as much information as they can get!
Send a free report. Give your customers some free information, build credibility in your chosen field.
Offer specials and offers to previous customers.
Run training courses over a period of time.
Deliver e-books, screen-savers and other free viral marketing devices.
Run a newsletter or e-zine - widely recognized as one of the best ways of boosting sales.

...and so many more!

Visit the web sites of some of the Internet's best known entrepreneurs and successful business owners - you'll see that they almost all use follow-up email marketing. Why? Because it works!