What is Permission-Based Follow-Up Marketing
Getting Started
Logging Into Email Autoresponder
Retrieving Your Login Name and Password
The Email Autoresponder Screen Layout
Some More Important Settings To Change
Logging Out
Your first autoresponder
Creating Your First Autoresponder: A Tutorial
Working with Autoresponders
Admin Subscription and Unsubscription Notifications
Automatic Unsubscribe Link
Changing an Autoresponder's Properties
Completion Management
Deleting an Autoresponder
Editing an Autoresponder's Messages
Enabling Open-Rate Tracking
Headers and Footers
Importing Messages From One Autoresponder to Another
Resetting Open-Rate Tracking
Setting Subscription Permissions
Subscriber Self-Edit
Testing an Autoresponder
What is Open-Rate Tracking?
Adding Subscribers
Custom Fields
Importing Subscribers
Inserting Custom Field Information Into Messages
Manually Adding a Subscriber
Multiple Choice Forms
Styling Your Subscription Form
Subscription By E-Mail
Subscription By Web Form
Subscription Methods
The Automatic Subscription Form Generator
Working with subscribers
Clearing the Current Filter
Controlling the Number of Subscribers Per Page
Deleting a Subscriber
Editing a Subscriber
Filtering the Subscriber List
Global Tasks
Global Tasks - De-Duplicate
Global Tasks - Delete Failures
Global Tasks - Delete Unsubscribers
Global Tasks - Quick Remove
Group Tasks
Group Tasks - Clear Send Logs
Group Tasks - Delete
Group Tasks - Edit
Group Tasks - Exporting in CSV Format
Navigating the Subscriber List
Setting a Filter
Viewing a Subscriber's Email Header
Viewing a Subscriber's Send Log
Viewing the Subscriber List
Subscription Confirmation
What is Subscription Confirmation?
Some Subscription Confirmation Default Settings
Enabling Subscription Confirmation
Removing Unconfirmed Subscribers
Customizing the Subscription Confirmation Message
Customizing the Subscription Confirmation Page
Subscription Cancellations
Automatic Cancellations (Dropping)
Subscription Cancellations
The Unsubscribe Form
The Unsubscribe Link
Unsubscribing By E-Mail
Your Profile
Broadcast Messages
What is a Broadcast?
Creating a New Broadcast
Deleting a Broadcast
Suspended Broadcasts
Editing a Broadcast
Pausing a Broadcast
Cloning a Broadcast
Deleting All Campaigns
The Campaign Manager
Refreshing the Campaign Manager
Enabling Open-Rate Tracking
Resetting Open-Rate Tracking
Unpausing a Broadcast
What is Open-Rate Tracking?
Dynamic content
What is Dynamic Content?
What Dynamic Content Tags Can I Use?
Dynamic Content Tags
Creating Time-Sensitive Messages
Default Values In Dynamic Content Tags
Forcing Default Personalization
Obligatory and Optional Default Values
Link & Click Tracking
Creating a New Link
Deleting a Link
Deleting All Links
Editing a Link
How Does a Link Appear in a Message?
Impressions, Clicks and Ratio
Including a Link In Messages
Refreshing the Link List
Resetting a Link
Resetting All Links
Viewing the Link List
What is Link Tracking?
Custom Tags
Creating a Custom Tag
Deleting a Custom Tag
Deleting All Custom Tags
Editing a Custom Tag
Including a Custom Tag in Messages
What is a Custom Tag?
Ads in messages
Inserting Advertisements In Your Messages
Tracking Links In Your Advertisements
Viewing, Creating and Editing Advertisements
Ban & reserved list
Banned Domains and E-Mail Addresses
Reserved E-Mail Addresses
Inserting Signatures In Your Messages
Viewing, Creating and Editing Signatures
Working with tracking tags
Creating a New Tracking Tag
Deleting a Tracking Tag
Deleting All Tracking Tags
Editing a Tracking Tag
Grouping Subscribers
Tracking Tags Explained
Tracking the Source of Subscribers
Using Custom Confirmation Pages
Viewing the Tracking Tag List
Working with Grouped Subscribers
Integrating Email Autoresponder With Other Software
APPENDIX A - Dynamic Content Tags
APPENDIX B - Command Summary